Our Programs


I can teach Math, Reading, and Writing to students in grades 4-10, as well as certain computer programming languages for children in elementary and middle school. All free of charge.

Video lectures can be found on this website. The collection of these lectures is periodically updated and improved upon. For further questions, feel free to contact me at putnamtutor@gmail.com.


I am able to teach Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry. Students can bring their own homework and workbooks for practice problems. If told in advance, I can also provide practice problems. I am patient, and willing to spend a long time giving extra help until a student understands the topic.


I am willing to revise all students’ essays. I can help outline and edit essays as well as help come up with essay topics. I can also help with reading and grammar to improve students’ writing skills.


I can teach both reading skills and reading comprehension. I will take the time to make sure students are able to read with ease as well as understand what they are reading. I will provide different materials for them to read from books to short stories, depending on the students’ reading level. I will take my time with them to make sure they are able to understand and enjoy what they read.

Programming and tech

For grades 4-8, I can teach intro level coding in two languages: Visual Basic and C#.


Every Day of the Week
Morning and Afternoon

Hours are Flexible


Patterson, Pawling, Brewster, and Reed Memorial Libraries