I am able to teach Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry. Students can bring their own homework and workbooks for practice problems. If told in advance, I can also provide practice problems. I am patient, and willing to spend a long time giving extra help until a student understands the topic.


I am willing to revise all students’ essays. I can help outline and edit essays as well as help come up with essay topics. I can also help with reading and grammar to improve students’ writing skills.


I can teach both reading skills and reading comprehension. I will take the time to make sure students are able to read with ease as well as understand what they are reading. I will provide different materials for them to read from books to short stories, depending on the students’ reading level. I will take my time with them to make sure they are able to understand and enjoy what they read.


For grades 4-8, I can teach intro level coding in two languages: Visual Basic and C#.