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My hours are flexible this summer. We can meet at the Patterson, Pawling, Brewster, and Reed Memorial Libraries.

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Qualifications and Reviews

I am a rising high school senior. I take Advanced Math and Programming classes in school so I am prepared to teach those. I have tutored in Math at the Patterson library before, and people have been happy with my services.

“If you are looking for a tutor that shows kindness and positivity, Sartaj Singh is the tutor for you! Sartaj has a very unique way of engaging my son in his tutoring session. Sartaj plans the tutoring sessions thinking of the whole child. He applies new math material to the hobbies my son enjoys doing after school. My son's confidence in math has skyrocketed as well as his comprehension of the concepts. Tutoring is for the child but Sartaj also understands the need for the parent to be part of the session as well. Sartaj gives detailed feedback we as the parents appreciate and value.”

Anonymous, Parent of a 4th grader

“Sartaj tutored my kids in reading and math and was very helpful to both of my children. He was always very understanding when the kids were struggling and never got impatient with them. They are definitely more prepared for the coming school year.

- Mike, Parent of a 2nd and 4th grader.

Sartaj was very professional and reliable when he tutored my daughter. He would always send an email of my daughter’s progress and a recap of what they went over that day. It was very helpful to me and I appreciated that he took the time to send that report. My daughter learned a lot from him and they worked well together. I would definitely recommend Sartaj for tutoring.

Danielle H., Carmel, Parent of a 4th grader